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Автор: BONES

Название песни: REST IN PEACE

Текст просмотрен: 871


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Текст песни:

Paul Wall tippin' hit it then all walls flippin'
Better than all ya'll trippin' bitch what's up?
Deadboy walkin' see me now everybody watchin'
Did it now everybody talkin' just like us
Cashed, I'm a motherfucking mess
Atleast I say a slurred up speech then I rest in peace
They want my all but they'll never get the best of me
I keep the rest locked up then I ditch the key
See I could go a little harder bring the lava make it hotter
Gottem' ringing out their shirts like "fuck"
Carhartt patch 48 up in the back
Jump straight up out the cage in the trunk
I don't know the city boy I came up from the gritty
Tell his parents that we left his body somewhere where it's chilly
I don't hail from a place where you grow up to be great
I'm the creep from the motherfucking first ave lake

I never thought I'd live to see all these fucking dreams
RIP to the whole fucking scene
Let it bleed, let it bang
Bitch I do what I want when I please
Let it bleed, let it bang
Bitch I do what I want when I please


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