Thunder Slowed BONES

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Автор: BONES

Название песни: Thunder (Slowed)

Текст просмотрен: 654


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Текст песни:

Doped up
Take drugs and I'm posting up
On the stoop just rolling up
Too many blunts, she say "hold up"
Just ridin' 'round raining out, so we slidin' round
Bass baning like thunder storms
Talk down see me pulling that lighting out
And I'll strike ya, like striker
See I roll your ashes and light ya
Either way I'm with the team
Or I'm with the KLVN
Either way I ain't about to fight ya
We're gonna find ya, and teach ya
That everything ain't peaches
See everything ain't gravy
Get no handshake when I see you, bitch

Getting cash, flowing fast
Loading up my golden gat
Golden 'Lac, diamond wheel
Go so slow I'm riding still
Living life so lavish
I'm living life so lavish
I got blunt guts in the basement
I got blunt wraps in the attic

I'm lurking, I'm swerving
I roll blunts tighter than turbans
A little turbulence on the .36
Going 96, that's murder
See, 187 my rhyme scheme
Rolex on my time piece
Cuban Link on my fucking neck
I made that off of rhyming things
And now I'm rhyming still, rhyming still
Go so slow that I'm riding still

Thunder (Slowed) BONES

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