Blood Diamond feat. Serebro Yellow Claw

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Автор: Yellow Claw

Название песни: Blood Diamond (feat. Serebro)

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Текст песни:

Too good to be true, imma prove 'em wrong
if you're a mistake, i will make some more
'cause you got me going up, going down, going round
I love this game, yeah
I don't need liquor to wash away
you love my sins and I love your pain
'cause you got me going mad, going bad, I'm blacking out
till I say, yeah

we don't need to be saved
if you fall, don't you worry

I'm gonna hit the roof and smash all the lights
I'll shine me down on all of you, 'cause I'm a star, star star
I'll take you with me when we blaze through the night
'cause you're diamond made of blood blood blood

Your like a diamond in flesh and blood
My hunger gets louder and screams for more
Yea you got me going up going down going round and make me wait eh
got nothing to lose cause the night is young
They wait for the lights but they wont come on

Cause you got me going bad, blacking out, i cant come out till say yea

Blood Diamond (feat. Serebro) Yellow Claw

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