Heart's Beating Регина Тодоренко

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Автор: Регина Тодоренко

Название песни: Heart's Beating

Текст просмотрен: 475


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Текст песни:

i'm gonna change your life
doncha play with dynamite
just leave all doubts behind
and come on over

my lovely stranger I'd like to know you a little
your smell is still on my fingertips and i know what to do
the weather is rainy but i got sparkle to fix it
i'm calling up for you

let me free your mind
you can decode every sign
your fate is like butterfly
do not release it
and feel my heart's beating

pretend like you don't care
like you can resist my glare
high tension's in the air
i see you're melting

Heart's Beating Регина Тодоренко

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