Stay There Porchy

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Автор: Porchy

Название песни: Stay There

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Текст песни:

rip foes from the get go, i'm a psycho, with a biro. duppy anything coming on a arrival, theres no point trying to fight for survival, i'm cannibalistic and i will chew an mc to the point they turn suicidal, you never heard about me? well i guess it because i'm not an idol. Cause i break it when i get it, i got a volatile fetish. I dont give a fuck about anything embedded. taking off, taking off, taking over the planet, intergalactic flow go until I land it and i build it when i need it. smoke until its finished, mixing syrup with a bag full of villains everybody knows i be running tracks like bolt no i'm never slow. Im higher than the moon now, no clue on how i got here. im wavey so shady, moving quick through the shadows, they're hating because i left them home. theres a storm out here so you better step steady when the hurricane blows because you might get trapped in a cyclone until you go spyro (spiral) ! I'm the last dragon alive and i'm patrolling the skies, the only beast that resurrected from extinction, surprise. these parasites getting wiped, exterminate when i spray, know I duppy with a bag of flows so you better know juggernaut if you get in my way. if you don't get it, let me break it down, its basic, i'm living life to get wasted and if they try hype i'm destroying the mic i spray flames and leave the town blazing, face it, kill off anybody until I make it because im playing chess with the game, i'm hazed, big spliff so you know i'm getting faded. CHORUS : AND I'M BACK, BACK ON THIS THING, NO TIME TO CHIT CHAT, I AIN'T CUEING UP CUZ IM GOING IN! AND THEY THINK ITS A JOKE, BUT AIN'T NOBODY LAUGHING I DO THIS FOR NOTHING. AND THEY ALL KNOW THAT WE KEEP GOING UP NEVER DOWN OH YEH OH YEH I STICK WITH MY SOUND GOT PLENTY BROTHERS HELPING ME OUT NO I AIN'T GOT TIME TO DEAL WITH NO CLOWN SO STAY THERE, STAY THERE, STAY THERE , STAY THERE, YOU AIN'T NEAR YOU AIN'T NEAR.

Its that beatmaker from the underground straight undertaker and im ready for you now, my mouth is an AK47 in a War so you better duck down if you sent for me before. Killer with the sound, run up on a stage with a microphone, leave a body laying on the ground.. like murder, i'm further than anybody else when it comes to music i'm sharper than needles, blud your a toothpick. killer when i enter the track the way i rap if a sniper after busting a cap into your back and you know i keep running until i run off the map. like you smoked a rock, the fear in your gut before you get dropped, hardest player on the pitch, shaquille o'neal dunking a shot. you can't surf my wave because its a tsunami, any beef will get sliced like salami, they keep on saying i'm a bitch when i sing but i smile and reply suck your moms punani. if you ain't real bredda then you better move from me, came in the game with a bag full of haze and flipped that shit like a fucking pancake locked you out of your game. i'm apocalyptic on stage, unnatural disaster, spit flames and cause earthquakes in a battle, touch mic and hypnotize everybody's mind to a darker side they stay without a paddle. SWITCH turn into and angry kind never going to quit i'm going to spit until the money rise, shoot until it hits, i will kill it until the end of time leveling up these other players getting left behind, best know i'm the only kind holding every skill that i need to progress and shine, i'm back i was gone but im back flaming through the atmosphere like a meteorite.

Stay There Porchy

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