Player Haters' Ball feat. blackbear Palisades

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Автор: Palisades

Название песни: Player Haters' Ball (feat. blackbear)

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Текст песни:

A lot of people need a lot of attention
They say some shit like it has an effect on me
You’re so obsessed with looking down
You eat sleep breathe my name in your mouth
Expectations low but I feel high
Never fit the mold, fuck getting by
I wanna hear how much you hate me
How my existence drives you crazy
I’d rather be a fucking thorn in your side
Than listen to you tell me how to live my life
I bet you’re so proud
Talk is cheap and I don’t hear a sound

Let’ em talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk
The more you speak the less I listen
Talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk away
You’ve got nothing on me
Why waste your breath
Why waste your words
They mean nothing to me
Talk talk talk
While I walk walk walk away
While I walk away

What do you have to say
While you’re sitting alone
I’ve been building a throne
So confident in what you don’t know
The only truth is that you’re still unknown

If this walls could speak
Would they mention your name
The attention you seek
So blind and alone you are
I think you see to believe
It’s like drowning to breathe
At least I’m breathing in something but smoke
From the burning debris
Of a faint memory
Watch the flames take the place of a home

So think again when you try to speak
Wolves don’t lose sleep on the thoughts of sheep

Player Haters' Ball (feat. blackbear) Palisades

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