You're Not From Here Lara Fabian

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Автор: Lara Fabian

Название песни: You're Not From Here

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Текст песни:

I don't know what is going on
You turn around and touch my heart
A silent moment speaks the truth
Something has happened all at once
It should have scared me in advance
But I was falling in those eyes of yours
And so
Fear was gone
I knew there was nothing else I'd ever want

I know you
You're not from here
I've waited for you to appear
To take my breath away
And make me weep
You're not from here
Not from this here and now
Just a touch of yours
And I fly ... And I fly ... And I fly ...

I can't get used to missing you
If this how it's gotta be
I need an angel to watch over me
No one can hold the hands of time
But I can hold you in my mind
Over and over like a melody

For now
I'll stand still
For now
I'll be filled by the memory of your skin

You're Not From Here Lara Fabian

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