Моё новое лицо Джефф Убийца

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Автор: Джефф Убийца

Название песни: Моё новое лицо

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Текст песни:

What cause have I to feel glad?
I've built my life on judgement and causing pain
I don't know those eyes I see in the bloodstained chrome
Now everything that I've had
And everything I've known have been thrown away;
And with time, I've come to find this isn't my home

I've stoked the fire
Seen more pain than you can know
The tears of the broken have washed away my soul
Pushed by desire
To change the way my stream will flow
Now I've awoken, and I'm taking back control

I try my best to block out the screams
But they're haunting me in my dreams
Please, break my shackles, I want it to stop

I man these wretched machines
Day in, day out, the grinding wears on my brain
Undermining my sanity, making me question my reality
But life is not as it seems
Should I take a chance for freedom and throw it all down the drain?
I've been imprisoned, please burn my transgressions away

I'm sick of hurting,
Sick of thinking it's all I do
I break those around me, those spared are very few
But the bright sun is burning
And my sky shines, ever blue
Friendships surround me; I'm becoming a part of you

Моё новое лицо Джефф Убийца

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