Rapsodia Coolio

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Автор: Coolio

Название песни: Rapsodia

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Текст песни:

feat. Warren G and Sissel
Warren G
Top Dogg, patrolling the beach
Niggaz say they're hard as bricks but they're as soft as a peach
Claiming the G of all G's
Please, I come blowing thru like the breeze
Sittin on the prince
Postage coasting mashing down Pacific coast
and the bomb four wheels black on black yukon
With nuts hangin from the city where the bangers keep bangin
It don't seem like s... is changin
I hollered at the homie the other day
G'd up at the park sippin elysee
One of the homies took a beatin
So now it's be in a gang checkin at the meetin
Like psycos repeatin
It's just another sunset fallin to sea
I can hear the homies the past calling me
And you know what I discover ? What they keep saying:
Keep your mind on the money,to shake bustas
Chorus: (in russian)
Uletaj na kryl'yah vetra
Ty v kraj rodnoj rodnaya pesnya nasha
Tuda gde mne tebya svobodno peli
I bylo tak privol'no nam s toboju

Have you ever sold millions?
But yet you niggaz persist and talk s...
Get off my ....
You'll never catch me slippin
Rollin with the heats
Slap da clippin
I never thought the world'd start trippin
My life's a trypto
Hit the crypto
Blow the whist'lo
They think I've banged
So I'll pack a pistol
Warren to the G is a G
I don't
Would you leave us alone
With me let's ride
To the East side
Slide like a pope
I packs a fo-fo
When I'm steppin out dough
To the bang to the booty
If I speak then I spoke
Warren G you do it every time till you lope
Get the party yeah
Like blazing smoke
The East side of the beach
West side the coast
You know the niggaz that I rock with hoes
Attack dogs that say niggaz are down to die
Who's the man ?
I've been from London to Japan
Stomp land to land
To the Egyptian sands
You can't check me, disrespect me
And mock me up
With the base bumpin out my truck
And all this police trying to lock me up
Money rules the world and I've made them lose
So don't make me shoot
Cuz tryin to match you
Get's you done every time
I aint tryin to hurt nobody
But I'm down for mine
Money over power
Power over money
Money over power
Beatch, beatch
Money over power
Power over money
Money over power...
Repeat till fade

Rapsodia Coolio

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