White Noise Bones

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Автор: Bones

Название песни: White Noise

Текст просмотрен: 565


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Текст песни:

I don't got diamonds, I don't got cars
I don't have money to go throw it at the bar
I don't got hoes but I know where they are
I don't like bitches cause they talk too much
I don't want fame cause that shit will always kill you
All my favorite rappers either ...
Riding in the drop, ...
They all hate when the rain start falling
Motherfuck a label, do it on my own
Switchblade on, don't you ever get it wrong
Way too high to even motherfucking move
Your girlfriend see me and know what to do
These women want sex and we all know that
So i just flow, let the rest fall back
Back in the place, now the world's all mine
A hundred one bitches on my motherfucking line

I just need to know if you really down to roll
If you trynna go, bitch you need to let me know
You so far down this road, there ain't nowhere else to go
I brought a lot of drugs, shut your mouth and fucking roll
I just need to know, I just need to know
I just need to know, if you really trynna go
She say she love my songs, she say she love the flow
She say she wanna blow, cause she heard I'm 'bout to blow

White Noise Bones

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