Justin Bieber Bizarre feat. King Gordy

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Автор: Bizarre feat. King Gordy

Название песни: Justin Bieber

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Текст песни:

Justin tryin to rap….

I fucking hate you Justin (hate you)
I want to rape you Justin (in your ass)
your albums all disgusting
Justin Bieber we're goin to kill you
I wanna hurt you Justin
Put you in a little hursh unjustin ??
And fuck your fans in the ass till am cumin
Justin Bieber we're going to kill you

5 in the morning, just popped a pill
??Interio somebody bout to get killed
white boy lover, they say he's down with Usher
Duct tape a blade, I think it's time for super
Nothin aware, jumped on Canada air
An hour and a half, I'd be there
And do you think, I can get a little boy pregnant
(am bout to bust)
We'll find out in a second
Disrespected treated like a slave
I'd be your school teacher, and you the misbehave
Say goodbye to Ms. Bieber, cuz you about to leave her
In back of your head, hit with a meat cleaver
Fuck you in the ass, then spit in your face
Cuz, I wanna see how Justin flash tastes
Sodomize you, that's what am gonna do
Kill my eight year old daughter, for listening to you
Fuck you!


[King Gordy]
Now, I never had a crash at a lightly pedestrian
Never had sex with a man that looks quite like a lesbian
But eh, then again, you are just a little boy, sedamin
Flauvored niplos? He's so timid and he's gigglin
Just like a little baby do
But ama give his ass dick for baby food
Gonna ware him boy schwarz lady shoes
(eh Gordy you fuckin Justin, maybe isn that gay?)
Quite frankly Justin's a woman and I don't see if that weight
Justin don't got a dick, Justin's got clig and likes to swallow piss
Justin's a white trailer park bitch that got a lot of kids
Stop callin this stupid bitch Justin her name is Justine
That slut seems to ages under 13 who love cream
Shagger in their fucking mouths and like their fuckin butt clean
And pull a machete out and cut them till their guts sleep
Tryin to put my long ass spear in Biebers beaver
The ea is little cuchi till he squirts all on my sneakers


Justin Bieber Bizarre feat. King Gordy

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