Anaconda Nicki Minaj parody Bart Baker

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Автор: Bart Baker

Название песни: Anaconda (Nicki Minaj parody)

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Текст песни:

This song is about butts
These girls all have big butts
This video is pretty mush just a bunch of big butts

I'm dry humping bamboo in a jungle
My butt's so big it's like two gigantic bubbles
And I always show it off 'cause it's me greatest asset
But it's enhanced by surgery
Yes it's made out of plastic
It's not real real real
Cost major cash and my surgery bill
Is going up fast got work on my nose and my lips
Plus tit implants my fake teeth Mister Ed status
Feed me a carrot
Booty shake with a snake
Ninety five percent of me is fake
Twerkin' so hard it 'cause a massive earthquake
Now I'm rapping so damn fast think my tongue's about to break
Later in the video I am gonna dance for Drake
Basically I am a stripper who also knows how to rap
But my lyrics are real bed they're complete and utter crap
I'm dumb duh duh dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

A turntable with fruit
A pink speaker and skull
This video is things that don't make any sense and butts

You ripped off "Baby Got Back"
I'm pissed off turned it to trash
Give me some of all that cash
Ha ha bitch please talk to the ass

For same reason there's a gym out in the jungle
Where I lift these tiny weights to work out my fake muscles
I pump real hard but there's no sweat on my complexion
'Cause I numb all my sweat glands with these Botox injections
Than I slam my crotch into the floor rap about sex non stop
Act like a whore waste the talant I got
Writing lyrics that will turn your brain to rot
I am a dumb shit
Kitchen scene whipping cream
Squirt the whole can out on my tit skin
My super slutty act is wearning real thin
In about seven years I'm gonna look like Lil Kim
Rapping so damn fast to hide the fact that I'm dim
So plastic when I die throw me in recycling
Drake is sitting in a chair now I'm gonna dance for him
I'm dumb duh duh dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

I don't want a lap dance
Your butt is too damn fat
You'r egonna eat this ass
I can't! No I need air! Stop
grrrffmm urvvmmem meh furrhhh
What are you saying Drake?
I'm trying to warn you
Nicki behind you there's a snake
Oh my gosh!
Look at that snake!
That's right bitch
He hasn't eat and he loves juicy butt steak
Anaconda eat that fake skank!
My anaconda ate Nick's buns and now this dumn song's done

Anaconda (Nicki Minaj parody) Bart Baker

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