Always ремикс Aysel and Arash

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Автор: Aysel and Arash

Название песни: Always (ремикс)

Текст просмотрен: 442


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Текст песни:

Oh oh oh
Always on my mind
Always in my heart

Ive been waiting for you night after night
Like the shadow staying close to the light
Suddenly you stand beside me And I see
A million burning stars , Oh

You are
Always on my mind
Always in my heart
And I can hear you call my name
On a mountain high Always on my mind
Always in my dreams
I wanna hold you close to me
Always all the time

I believe, Im addicted to you
In your eyes I see dreams coming true
Finally, I have found you
And now I will never let you go

Always (ремикс) Aysel and Arash

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