Finally Me Остин и Элли

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Автор: Остин и Элли

Название песни: Finally Me

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Текст песни:

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
I'm finally me

1. I've never felt this before
I'm not afraid anymore
Been writing words on a page
Cause I got so much to say
And now I'm taking the stage

I'm getting ready to fly
I know it's my time to shine
Don't care if I'll make mistakes
I'll do whatever it takes
Cause I got so much to say

Припев: I'm finally me
Got everything I need
What you get is what you see,
I, I, I'm finally me
And I've never felt so free
There's no one else that I'm trying to be
I'm finally me

Hey hey uh-huh
Hey hey uh-huh
Hey hey, yeah
I'm finally me

2. I'm stepping out of my shell
Feels good just being myself
Not scared to show what's inside
I'll put it all on the line
Cause I got nothing to hide

3. I've got quirks but they work
I've learned to love those things, yeah
You don't have to be anyone but you
So let me hear you sing


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