Electricity Manganas Garden

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Автор: Manganas Garden

Название песни: Electricity

Текст просмотрен: 505

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Текст песни:

No doubt I need the right electricity
To move my disco feet

No doubt I need a rithm of ecstasy
To get the disco feel

Give me the sun that keeps roling all night long
Until the break of dawn

Give me the one, cuz we like to get it good
Before tommorow comes

So don't maad
Don't turn back
Cuz we can feel the funky groove

Don't mill strike those contact
Cuz we believe you've got the moods

And baby!
You seem to wonder why
We got in disco life

You know I don't
You know I won't
Get it, girl

You seem to wonder how
My funk emerges love
You know I don't
You know I wont fail


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