My Body Lady-G-Julie ft Raquel, Alex, Blake

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Автор: Lady-G-Julie ft Raquel, Alex, Blake

Название песни: My Body

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My Body

We were together alone after all
It was a sin not to begin makin love against the wall
U could feel my passion growing on
I hung my head, tryin to hide my flush and my signs
of languor that of course appeared in my eyes
They were hazy of wanting loving missin U
At cold nights tossin and turnin in blue
I was lookin at U like enchant
We couldn't have the front
Havin made out my entreaty to have mercy on me
U covered my lips with yours havin held me
Feelin grapes sweetness of my lips
U put your hands on my hips
My breast strained, having touched your kimono,
Too strong were my feelings and a danger of our meetings that were forbidden yo
Huggin me U implored me in your mind to stay still
To let U pet me slowly and tenderly didn't want me to feel against my will
U whispered into my ears - U're mine, each cell, each part of your body belong to me.
This time my mind didn't prevent me from getting a pleasure and I gave myself to him
It was like a paradise aha-aha most likely like a dream
In propotion as his body was gettin naked
My desire grew more it wanted to take it

2 Rap

Your eyes were lookin at me in such a way as if you wanted to impress in yo mind every bend of my body, ah, oh what a drive,
And your concentration excited me more than enything else in my life
I answered his petting though didn't want to show it
Pettin him, I tickled each nerve of him
Spreadin on his silk body a shampane's cream
Our breathin became more frequent
He moved apart my legs to make me feel a delight which water and his fingers do
He was doing it during the movie Without a Clue

My Body Lady-G-Julie ft Raquel, Alex, Blake

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