Strawberry Swing Coldplay Cover Frank Ocean

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Автор: Frank Ocean

Название песни: Strawberry Swing (Coldplay Cover)

Текст просмотрен: 251


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Текст песни:

When we were kids, we handpainted strawberries on a swing
Every moment was so precious, then
I'm still kicking it, I'm daydreaming on a strawberry swing
The entire Earth is fighting, all the world is at its end
Just in case, an atom bomb, comes falling on my lawn
I should say and you should hear I've loved
I've loved the good times here, I've loved our good times here

Say hello, then say farewell to the places you know
We are all mortals, aren't we? Any moment this could go
Cry, cry, cry, even though that won't change a thing
But you should know, you should hear, that I have loved
I have loved the good times here, and I will miss our good times

Spaceships are lifting off of a dying world
And millions are left behind while the sky burns
There wasn't room for you and I, only you, goodbye, goodbye


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