Beginning Again Fighting Kind

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Автор: Fighting Kind

Название песни: Beginning Again

Текст просмотрен: 344


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Текст песни:

in the story of life
on every page,
this glorious reprise
i am alone again.
A page with my pride,
i'm leaving you everything
as you walk away tonight,
remember who you
were following.
I will not forget my first.
now that you're gone,
i feel the sickness
crossing my veins.
it's beginning again
of my life
this broken record plays.
i thought that
i was ready to change.
it's beginning again,all my life.
this broken record plays.
your curious eyes
,are searching everywhere,
for the man in the skies
who put me up to this.
uuh,alone everynight
,and every verse,
i thought you deserve better and me,
you got all the worst.
i will not foget my first

i should reel you
turn around and changes
i keep running around in circles,
but i love you,
i can hide the truth,
but i just can't,i just can't
let you take away
the power from me.

these empty walls
and frozen walls
what was mine,
now its yours.
i shut you out,
and now let you in,
i swear i will.


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