Only Human Fallulah

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Автор: Fallulah

Название песни: Only Human

Текст просмотрен: 280


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Текст песни:

Here is the love, now it's not there
Never enough, why must they stare?
Here is the love, at least for a day
Runs out like food, when you can't pay
I'm looking the part, but I'm lacking the heart
Is there a reason that I shouldn't tell you right from the start?

Don't come near me
I am only human

Here is the love, don't point it at me
Making me feel the things I should be
Here is the love
It's here in the crowd
(crowd you're loud)
getting too close
I need to get out

Don't come near me
I am only human
Don't you know I'm only human
Only Human


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