You gotta generate heat Expromt

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Автор: Expromt

Название песни: You gotta generate heat

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Текст песни:

You gotta generate heat (оригинал)
When ever you feel beat,
About to fall in defeat,
You’ve got to move your feet.
You gotta generate heat!
And when you get a chill,
Well, brother, don’t ya sit still!
You won’t warm up until
You (Just) start to generate heat!
Don’t keep lookin’ to turn up the heat
Just coserve that energy.
It is time for you to get off your seat!
Don’t keep watching the thermostat.
Generate your own heat, that’s where it’s at!
So, when you’re feel in cold,
Do what is good for your soul.
You’re never gonna grow old,
If you can generate heat!
Start to warm up
Start to move your feet
If you’re feeling beat
Just start to generate heat!
Heat, heat, lots of heat!
You need heat, heat, lots of heat!
You need heat, heat, lots of heat!
You gotta generate heat!


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