Let It Go Etro Anime

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Автор: Etro Anime

Название песни: Let It Go

Текст просмотрен: 192


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Текст песни:

I gave to you more than I owned
And my share was still unknown
I don't want to replay the show
Wanna let it go

You know that our love's been dying
We can't talk though we keep trying
But as long as the love is strong
Let it go
Just let it go

Identity and
All the ghosts inside of me
Tell me there's so much I
still don't know

If today you were almost dying
Well tomorrow you might be flying
We sure got a ways to go
Let it go
Gotta let it

We finally reached the day
The ties start to break away
I lied to your face I know
I'll never let him go

Don't hang ideals on me
I don't need to know
how good it could be
I just want to try and stand-alone
I wanna let it go
I wanna let it go

If today you were almost dying
Girl tomorrow you might be flying
So many ways to go
Gotta let it go


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