Mozart vs Skrillex Epic Rap Battles of History

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Автор: Epic Rap Battles of History

Название песни: Mozart vs Skrillex

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Текст песни:

Rec by Max from YouTube

My name is Skrillex, man! Welcome to the Devil's Den.
I'm a scary monster stomping this sprite in frilly pants
You're a weirdo Wolfy, you're into powder wigs & poof!
And your cousin blew notes on your little Magic Flute
Your daddy issues make the Jackson 5 look like the Family Circus!
You might have been a genius but you died baroque and worthless!
I'm rich, acclaimed, and famous, I'm a playlist on the A-List!
You're the lamest, kiss my anus uhuhuhuh Amadeus

Was that a verse, or did you just get the hiccups?
I'm a prodigy, sonny, and I'm about to smack a b***h up!
My music is 200 years old! And it's still excellent!
In two more months the world will forget about your Skrillexcrement.
I can't believe the way you dress when you dubstep out of the house
You're like an emo Steve Urkel and you *ooh* reek of DeadMau5!
I am the world's greatest composer! No one knows what you are!
Except a lonely little troll who knows how to press a spacebar!

I attack! You decay! Can't sustain my releases!
Sad chain, Wolfgang, Bangarang you to pieces
I'm a self-made man, you're a slave to your papa!
I'm a r-r-r-rock star, mix it with the bass and drop ya!
Global! Maestros blow like Chernobyl!
Kids exploded, get mobile! No one even knows you!
I make the whole world move! You play community theatre!
I gained your same fame from home with a blown out speaker

Oh yes, I've heard that EP & see I transcribed it here.
Tell me what comes after the 68th measure of diarrhea?
And what kind of drugs does it take to enjoy this? I have no idea!
I've seen more complexity in a couch from IKEA
You go piano, fortississimo: that means soft and very very loud,
CAUSE I'm guessing that you didn't know!!
Why don't you put down your Cubase & pick up a real bow!
I rocked harder than you when I was 5 years old!



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