Forget Me Efpix

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Автор: Efpix

Название песни: Forget Me

Текст просмотрен: 295


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Текст песни:

Satan underground told me to get away
God in the sky told me to wait for my time
People on the Earth forgot me
Last path gates opened to me

Now I'm falling in the dark
The last drops of a dying race
I'm not afraid of God
I'm just looking for remembrance

Forget me
Forget me forever
Forget me

No behest to unchain my mind
Unclean, full of sins
I'm fading away from the edges of time
To the place of the fallen angels

An imminent death is burning inside
Last words of desolated heart
The cry of living dead for lights
Is the effort to refuse God's art

Forget me
Forget me
Forget me
Forget me forever
Forget me

Hell and Heaven
Are ahead and behind
I'm nowhere and everywhere
I'm a pure mind


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