Jony why E-rotic

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Автор: E-rotic

Название песни: Jony why

Текст просмотрен: 145

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Текст песни:

When they found you
It was too late
You took the last
The last escape
And I - I'm left crying
The winds of change
I feel them blow
I wonder why
Why did you go
Miss you so

Jonny Y
I can't find you
In the land of bitter blue
Jonny Y
Why did you leave
In the dark of the night
Jonny Y - Jonny - Jonny Y

You didn't tell
That all was said
And felt and done
You just moved on
The last good bye
I couldn't hear
It's focused
In a lonely tear
Oh Jonny - I'm still here

Oh don't you know
I miss you so
Oh why did you
Make me cry
Oh tell me Jonny Y

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