Butterflies Dope D.O.D.

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Автор: Dope D.O.D.

Название песни: Butterflies

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Текст песни:

This is dedicated to all my girlfriends

[Verse 1: Skitz Vicious]
I'm an asshole
Sticking-chicken asshole
Fuck the pussy of the eaters I'll be licking asshole
Oh, hold up, for every question you will ask, no
Just be quick, unzip my shit and kiss a pair of fat balls
I'm the all-day chiller in this bathrobe, the rascal
Got your sister breathing second-hand smoke
She likes to, get fucked from the back while her man calls (Hello?)
Pick up the phone and say tonight they'll have to cancel, their plans for
Romantic dinner, with candle lights working overtime mean she is letting Skitz inside
Shit you might be chilling' on your leather couch
I'm hitting her upstairs like we living in the acid house
She loves cock, the young cocks com-bust
That shit sprays like bird shot, on top of her soft butt
Dumb slut, sex toys and what-not
I'll be gone before the sun's up, one love

[Verse 2: Jay Reaper]
While Mr. Vicious gets delicious with them bitches, I fulfill my wishes
No more doing dishes, kiss this nigga, here want clits and tits
Wicked witches, who suck my dick for just a sip of liquor
Lick my liquorice
I'd like to take her lips and sticking fingers (finger licking)
Let me stick it in I like to fill my women, fill 'em up, no kind to cum in cunt
I cum like Kunta Kinte
Got my dick up in her, sexually I'll be a sinner
Singing dinner by the river, let me slither free your in-its
While my pillar's growing bigger, I deliver like gorilla
Make a nigga want to fuck, but she can make nigga bitter
I'm gonna quit her
Get a load brother, she's more like kitty litter
She was a slut, so in the end, who the hell will miss her?
It don't matter
I'm a fully loaded sex machine, the bad bitches wet dreamed to act extremely bean
And then I'm waiting for my African queen
She's my vaccine, my remedy
The one that I need

Feel that in your belly girl
That's true romance

[Hook 1 & 3]
The butterflies in her stomach make her vomit
She likes the front like saying "I ain't never done it"
But deep inside I know she might've have a hundred
She lies and I love it, my brother


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