My Own Song Detsl aka Le Truk

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Автор: Detsl aka Le Truk

Название песни: My Own Song

Текст просмотрен: 334


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Текст песни:

I woke up this morning, thanks God, alive
Breakfast on my table, because I got a wife
I don't watch TV, for that I got no time
I get high instead of drinking red wine
I don't play no games, I don't remember names
Except for those who I trust in my insane brain
I drive good car instead of new car
Reliable stuff is what I do so far
My name is D-E-T-S-to-da-L
I drop hitting rhymes on the dead cells
I don't talk fairy-tales, in my world fake is pall
Music is my love from original rap, wow
People talk, people gamble, people wanna know
What is Hip, what is Hop, what is going on?
Who's an ugly duckling? Who's a black swan?
But I don't give a damn, I got my own song

Riding down the block, hands on the clock
... so turn the volume up
Shake what you got, dance, don't stop
Spin around to the sound of my mafia
This for real Gs and all the real ...
Stuff is fresh, feels like a light breeze
Interntational music straight from other seas
All them haters, chill out, ...
Perfect time has come, there's a lot to be done
Russian rastaman, how fire ban
Rude boy can run, this game for fun
Then we go raise up and blaze that Babylon
Super-dupa-fly, we're going take you high
Can you feel the base coming from inside?
This is world wide bang up, ... night
I like that shit, DJ stop ...


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