Everglades Daan

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Автор: Daan

Название песни: Everglades

Текст просмотрен: 369


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Текст песни:

Here's to wisdom to queens and spades
kings of boredom the crossing fades
golden fury long gone trades
overflowing these everglades
pay the ransom in case of doubt
here's to kingdoms where no one's crowned
glad you found them these everglades

Welcome preachers that got things right
welcome creatures let's reunite
welcome hookers with your hands tight
welcome sailors with lust in your eyes
glad you jumped but you can't dive
glad you found me I'm still alive
lost some time but it's not too late to
take a walk thru these everglades

Nature called but I weren't there
left it ringing for a million years
angels picked up they sounded blurred
no one listens when someone's hurt
In my nineties I was so wise
shut my mouth didn't criticize
all I thought of and fantasized was
cruising over these everglades

You've been bit by stranger teeth
always knew there's a power beneath
sucked up memories of drowning reef
needless yearning for good all keith
looked like patience but felt like tired
hooked like patients but surely fired
blushed up faces wrapped up hearts
blind's a trade in these everglades


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