Just These Bottles Connor James Thuotte

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Автор: Connor James Thuotte

Название песни: Just These Bottles

Текст просмотрен: 1685


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Текст песни:

Threre's something wrong my dear friend
Looks like you've just got back from the doctors again
There's something that you need to say
The good Lord He is on His way

I've got bottles waiting just in case you're leaving
I'm preemptive drinking so I'm clearly thinking
I...I belong by myself couse I am always wrong
And you dont need me
Better of I hope you are happy

She's always scared to go home
The way your parents act is always unkonwn
And bed is a safest place she has
And then her teachers ask her why she seems sad


You say you're getting better
But maybeis turn to nevers
And say your heart beats faster
You gone from good to deasaster
And say you getting better
But I know you really miss her...really miss her



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