Turn To Stone Burning Everafter

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Автор: Burning Everafter

Название песни: Turn To Stone

Текст просмотрен: 257


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Текст песни:

Did you ever hear the silence?
As it's turning me to stone
I know that you tried to save me
Over and over again
but the whispers in the dark
telling me to carry on
but you are hidin and you lie to yourself

Did you ever think you´d fade away
the more than words you know it was real
Did you ever think you´d pay the price you've paid
and more than wounds, you know. more than wounds you know.

Did you ever feel the burning
as you walk this lonely road
I know that you tried to save us
as you carried the world again
stop thinkin about all this time
I have nothing left to give
and this is real

Lie to self
trust is gone

Trust is gone with things im feeling?
always seem to waste away
all I know there is no reason
never seem to take her away.


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