Kalashnikov Pt. 2 Avatar Darko

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Автор: Avatar Darko

Название песни: Kalashnikov Pt. 2

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Текст песни:

[Verse 1]
My gal she a vampire suck me like Sookie though
Then I pass her to my wolves like Ricky Rubio (G shit)
Boy I'm turnt up, I'm Gucci
Never say my shooter's name, I learned that from Boosie
Eyes like Bruce Lee but I'm equipped with the vision
Got that Chinese Chopper Hello Kitty Edition
Boy Porsche color of borscht swervin off of peach roc
Right after the E I eff her in the G spot
The condom overload erotica
My bad Ecuadorian she stay in Santa Monica
Piranhas in the fishtank, I feed them Oxycontins
But I been on my bullshit since Nas was rockin' Nautica (Nautica)
Paranoid plus I got insomnia
Make my foes not see if they cross me like a Swastika
Young blaze heavy arson
Banana clip will make you stutter, Kenyon Martin

Kalashnikov braaa
Ubivaem vseh zmeja
Vseh zveja, vseh zveja
Ya umru za tebja, moja semja, moja semja
Ya umru za tebja, moja semja, moja semja

[Verse 2]
I put duct tape on my snapbacks
Duct tape on my trap packs
On pro tools I relapse
Bitch you old news: Kat Stacks
Wake up in the morning and put butter on her flap jacks
Pound a fifth of vodka make these haters check my back draft
Avatar and Danny Darko, yeah I got two names
Ridin' round and I'm gettin it you can call me too fast
More like the Joker but I'm in that Batmobile like Bruce Wayne
Lost space finder AK in my couch like loose change
Duce, fang gang I'm a GD but I don't gang bang
But yeah I twist my fingers all up in your girls poontang
Scumbag, dirt ball, why you under that bitch? You her dog
Ima work hard tryin' to have enough power to make the fucking Earth fall
Ballin' out in Paris like Tony Parker
Ima prolly die stuntin' like Owen Hart
Name somebody going harder no these rappers aren't
I'm draping gold like the muthafuckin' Joan of Arc


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