Focus Bart Baker Parody Ariana Grande

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Автор: Ariana Grande

Название песни: Focus (Bart Baker Parody)

Текст просмотрен: 377


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Текст песни:

I put on a real short skirt
to show off my long legs
I’m bent over showing my ass
posing in different shapes
attention must always be on me
I’m where the spotlight should always be
and that’s why I’ve got seven pounds
of make-up on my face
My voice is higher than a whistle for dogs
that’s why you can’t tell what I’m saying at all
it sounds like gibberish writing words was a waste
but it doesn’t matter cos I look great

You can’t see me
I’m the guy who’s screaming
Who is that yelling?
It’s distracting from me!
Stop it!
This this song is saying
Shut him up please!
Fuck a zombie
That’s sick
Fuck fuck fuck a zombie
I am ready

Nowadays the media
is so obsessed with trans
the best way to get coverage
is to have been a man
I’m getting sick of this Caitlin shit
taking away my newsworthiness
wait that gives me a good idea
an awesome brilliant plan
I’ll lose the skirt and pull my hair to the back
the stuff my crotch and put on a fake mustache
I’ll leak a photo online to TMZ
And all the attention will be back on me

Stop that lickin
stop that donut lickin
Who could eat these?
They are so fattening
What’s this
Are gross and disgusting
How dare Grande!
She can’t say that bullshit about this great country
that girl will pay!
I’m here to deport that Mexican girl now
for things she said putting Americans down!
You can’t deport me and I’m not Mexican
get off of me you stupid racist pig!

I’m Bill Cosby
that awful voice was me
I’ve got something that you should be drinking

Get lost Cosby you’re sick now we must be leaving

Not so fast Trump this chick is coming home with me

I don’t think so!


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