No Twerk feat. Panther & Odalisk Apashe

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Автор: Apashe

Название песни: No Twerk (feat. Panther & Odalisk)

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Текст песни:


[Verse: Panther]
Skin color: Dairy Queen
White pale, gin and tonic with some grenadine
Eyes open like they've never seen a dance floor
Pumping like that shawty full of creatine, baby
Them bitties all trying to shake ass
Hear they break glass
Twenty dollar booty, no class
They getting bad
Sweating, trying to get a glass of water
Cause they actin like they're mothafuckin' Billy Ray daughter
Flat ass, twerk team, twenty-fourteen
Baby I ain't seen nothin' up in your jeans
Get the fuck out!

[Breakdown: Odalisk]
Oh, all of a sudden you're a bad bitch
Just got a fat ass like it's magic
And now you're trying to shake it like ratchet
I'm guessing they must call you Go Gadget

Go gadget!




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