Rising to the Top Agallah and Sean Price

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Автор: Agallah and Sean Price

Название песни: Rising to the Top

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Текст песни:

[Sean Price]
Yeah, we all cool, pa, anybody can get it
Winchester Remingtons, any shotll yall hit it
Yo, dress sloppy, but my rap is deffer
Watch Rosewood go outside and slap a cracker
Yo, various styles and, various hot shit
Killed a nigga on a train with Barry Slovik, dude
Bottom line, you aint ready for Ruck
Where your girl, duke, Im ready to fuck
Do the knowledge, Im ill
Especially when the god swallowing pills
Spaz out on your bitch while she double my deal
All my niggaz went through drama, for real
Ruck dred, Agallah, body armor steel, squar from the ville
Untouchable, Sean Conners got kill
Yall niggaz chill before ya moma get killed, yo
Untouchable, Sean Conners got kill
Yall niggaz chill before ya moma get killed, yo

[Chorus 2x: Agallah]
And we gon give this all that we got
Blow the spot, keep rising to the top
All my niggaz, keep rising to the top

Everyone welcome to the gangsta world of Agallah
Where its me and my niggaz, my bitches, my guns and my cars
My dogs dont kill, they kill these rap stars
I like ridin around with a gangsta broad
Ima gangsta dog, go with the shotty, or Im shankin yall
Wind up in prison, no thanks to yall
Come back to the block, then I break yall balls
Get murked right on the spot, so we dont have to brawl
Listen up, pa, dont fuck with Agallah
None of these niggaz could never see the catalog
I dont give a fuck if its digital or analog
I flip, to any style, pa, press record
Give me a million, thats how you blessed the lord
Bullshit me? I wont even step to yall
Consider the shit, this is what I left with yall
Look at all the hot shit, that I kept from yall

[Chorus 2x]

[Hook: Agallah, Sean Price]
Its music in the air, a lots of loving everywhere
Everybody, gettin right, everybody, gettin right
Its smoke all in the air, everybody wanna share
Niggaz is gettin high, niggaz is gettin high

[Sean Price]
I love thin raps and flows, I love gettin stacks of dough
Like I love hittin raps and hoes
Ive been to club, where the stash is yo
Why you bumpin me, god, actin up in front of company, god
Got some shit up in the trunk of my car
We can fight right now, you get lumped in the bar
Bottom line duke; fuck who you are
Spit two gem stars out my mouth, give you a couple of scars

The flame from Ruck and Agallah, and lendin yall spitly
We come through like this from Brooklyn, my niggaz hopin shitly
While niggaz like Blick Street that be reppin with me
My nigga Ike Eyes, yo I call him Ike Hitly
Its Agal-litly, featuring Sean Printly
We dont waste no time, we take care of this quickly
For real my nitly, its about to get off the hitly
For shitly, you know where Im at, my nigga, hit me
And God be with me, through the streets I move switfly
You want war, with a nigga, pa, then come and get me

[Chorus 2x]


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