Road To Glory 2Pac

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Автор: 2Pac

Название песни: Road To Glory

Текст просмотрен: 373


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Текст песни:

Please believe that I'll never be chained again
Again Ill be the next Heavyweight Champion
Call me crazy, but no one can fade me,
I'm the product of the projects, lost and crazy.
Throw your hands up Mr. Bruno...Why?
Big Mike Tyson bout to Brutalize that ass tonight.
No Hesitation for the whole nation.
Ill beat that ass so bad I probably violate Probation.
Through demonstration and by strategized Information,
Intend to kill so its real like im catching cases...haha
Let the world know I plan to die.
If I don't leave with what I came for, I'm leavin high... now
The first round's for the times that i sat in the cell
The second round's for the media and the lies they tell
The third round's for the pain that I felt inside
Best recognize as I walk tonite... can you feel me!?
My Road to glory free of them thorns.
Real thoughts from my brain and I train to remain strong


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